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Menopause services at a Family Planning clinic? It’s true!

It’s still quite a well-kept secret in Tasmania that Family Planning doctors are experts in “women’s health” services, including menopause (and other issues that can occur around the same time, such as prolapse).   

Menopause is experienced by all women and some people who don’t identify as female, typically between the ages of 44 and 55.  

People experience menopause very differently. Some menopause symptoms can start even before you reach menopause, as your hormones can go up and down; this is called peri-menopause. 

Common menopause symptoms include hot flushes, mood changes, night sweats, headaches, reduced sex drive and irregular or heavy periods.  

Menopause symptoms can often be managed with lifestyle changes, therapies, and medication. Menopause Hormone Therapy (MHT), which a doctor prescribes, is the most effective therapy for many symptoms.  

Family Planning Tasmania sees hundreds of patients annually across the state to help them manage their menopause symptoms.  

Common reasons people come to see us are because their symptoms are stopping them from doing the things they usually do, their sleeping, mood or eating is affected, or they are worried about their periods.  

Menopause can be complex, and it’s important not to rush through our initial chat with you. That’s why our initial menopause consultations last 45 minutes (at no additional cost).  

Some menopausal women also experience pelvic organ prolapse, which can feel like a bulge or lump in their vagina, or urinary or bowel symptoms. Family Planning Tasmania also provides a prolapse assessment and, for suitable patients, can fit a ring pessary, a small silicone ring that helps relieve prolapse symptoms for many women.  

Menopause and prolapse appointments are bulk billed for Medicare Card holders who also hold a Concession (health care) card or are full-time students. There is a $54 gap for all other patients.  

Book online through the Book Appointment page of our website or call your nearest clinic.   


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Image: Dario Valenzuela on Unsplash.

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