Fee Estimates

Our fees depend on your age and circumstances.

Many services are bulk billed for Medicare card holders who are under age 21, or Concession Card holders or full-time students.

There are extra costs for everyone for two services: IUD inserts and medication termination of pregnancy. Financial support is available if you can’t pay; please speak to us about this.

If you have an Implanon inserted with us, the Implanon device costs $6.80 if you are a Concession Card holder or $45 for everyone else.

The fees provided on this page are estimates and your total costs and out of pocket expenses may vary on the day. Please speak to reception if you have any questions about fees.

Fees apply to both in person and telephone appointments.

Regular appointment fees
Medication termination of pregnancy fees
Interuterine device (IUD) appointment fees
No Medicare appointment fees