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Family Planning Tasmania specialises in sexual and reproductive health, including women’s health and gynaecology.

Patients can always self-refer, as well as being referred by a GP. Self-referral means you can book in for an appointment without a referral from your GP.

Family Planning Tasmania is a mixed billing practice, with costs varying depending on age and circumstances. Please refer to our Fees page for more information. Fees apply to all patients for IUD inserts and Medication Terminations.

Medication Termination of Pregnancy Referrals

GPs can help us meet very high demand for medication termination appointments by organising the following (with copies requested to be sent to the Family Planning Tasmania clinic):

  • FBC, Quantitative HCG and Blood Group
  • STI screening for chlamydia (this can be a self-collected lower vaginal swab (SOLVS))
  • Ultrasound dating scan – intrauterine pregnancies aren’t typically visible before six weeks gestation. Please advise patients to have the scan at, but not before, six weeks. A second scan is required if an intrauterine pregnancy is not seen.

Some women have had upsetting experiences when attending for their dating scan ultrasound. Family Planning Tasmania has talked to imaging providers and we recommend the following words are used when requesting a dating scan for women considering termination:

Please perform:

  • Pregnancy Ultrasound:  Please report sac size and estimated gestational age.
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound: If gestational sac is not visible on ultrasound.
  • Do not show or discuss the scan with the patient unless requested by the patient.