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SHIELD appointments are individual or small group education sessions.

These sessions are for people of any age and ability, and are tailored to the needs of people who have experienced trauma or who have additional needs.

They provide targeted relationships, sexuality and sexual health education. Participants often want to learn about topics such as public and private, types of touch, relationships, consent and pleasure etc.

We work with the participant to create an individual learning plan that best suits their needs and interests. When selecting this session type please be aware that participants are required to bring a support person with them to the appointment.

Education sessions can be provided for either individuals or small groups and topics include:

  • Private Body Parts
  • Public and Private Places
  • Types of Touch
  • My Support Network
  • Feeling Safe and Feeling Unsafe
  • Social Mapping
  • Online Safety and Relationships
  • Contraception
  • Gender and Identity
  • Intimacy
  • Relationships
  • Consent
  • Masturbation/Self Touch
  • What is Sex?
  • Accessing a Sex Worker
  • Becoming a Parent
  • Online viewing behaviours
  • Menopause

Professional Learning

We offer workshops and training.

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Structure and cost

We begin with a 40-60 minute
 appointment with the participant and a support person. During this session, an education plan will be created together that focuses on what your wants and needs are. 

SHIELD has now been designed to meet the needs of its participants with tailored services consisting of either 4 or 7 sessions.


  • Total Fee for 4 sessions (includes initial planning session)$577.50 (inc. GST) less (initial fee/deposit $192.50 (inc. GST)) = Remaining Charge $385.00 (inc. GST)


  • Total Fee for 7 Sessions (includes intro session) $1375 (inc. GST) – less (initial fee/deposit $192.50 (inc. GST)) =Remaining Charge = $1,182.50 (inc. GST)


A payment of $192.50 (inc. GST) is required for this booking and is not refundable. Family Planning Tasmania will invoice the total amount after initial appointment, then confirm within 2 business days it has been paid, once paid appointment will be confirmed via email or SMS.

Family Planning Tasmania is a newly non registered NDIS provider. If you are an NDIS participant you can access funding via your Capacity Daily Building Activity funds to cover the cost of your sessions.

Professional Learning

We offer workshops and training.

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