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Family Planning Tasmania Engages with the Australian Government’s Youth Strategy 

Family Planning Tasmania is thrilled to announce our active participation in the Australian Government’s new Youth Engagement Strategy.  We attended the Youth Sector Roundtable held in Hobart on Thursday 17th August, and were inspired to join many other committed youth providers. This collaborative initiative, led by the Office for Youth, is set to transform the way government interacts with young people across Tasmania. 

We are proud to be part of this forward-thinking effort that places the voices and experiences of young Tasmanians at the forefront of decision-making. By working hand-in-hand with the Office for Youth, we aim to shape a future where all young Australians have a say in the policies and decisions that impact their lives. 

One of the key highlights of this strategy is its dedication to inclusivity. It ensures that young people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life are given the platform to share their unique perspectives. Family Planning Tasmania, with its commitment to providing accessible sexual and reproductive health services to everyone, stands firmly behind this vision of an inclusive future. 

Additionally, we’re particularly pleased to see the recognition of First Nations young people and the commitment to involve them, in line with the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. This acknowledgment of cultural diversity and respect for Indigenous voices resonates with our values and mission. 

As an organisation that has always advocated for informed choices in sexual and reproductive health, we believe that involving young people in government decisions is a significant step toward a healthier, more empowered future for all. We’re excited to mark our calendar for the upcoming roundtable consultation session, where we will contribute our unique insights and experiences to help shape this strategy. 

Family Planning Tasmania remains dedicated to fostering positive change and empowering the next generation. Together, with the Australian Government’s Office for Youth, we look forward to a future where young Australians, regardless of their background, can actively shape the decisions that shape their lives. Stay tuned for updates on our journey in this inspiring endeavour!

This also coincided with the Launch of “Tasmanian Youth Story Consultation Report”. which can be found on the website here >>  

Header image: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash