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Five reasons to check out the new Launceston Family Planning Tasmania clinic

Have you heard? In March 2022, Family Planning Tasmania moved to a fantastic new, purpose-built location in Launceston. Here is a non-exhaustive list of five reasons why we think you should come and visit our new Launceston clinic. 

1. New central location (but with parking)

Walk from the bus stop or city centre or drive and park outside the door. This new location is on the corner of Wellington St and Paterson St (previously a TasTAFE building) with pedestrian access on Wellington Street and parking, including accessible parking, from our entrance on 93 Paterson Street. We often have appointments available on the day for cervical screening and STI screens or within a couple of days for a doctor’s appointment, so if you’re walking past while in the city, feel free to pop in and book.  


2. We don’t just help you plan a family!

Many people don’t know that Family Planning Tasmania doctors and nurses are experts in sexual and reproductive health, which includes women’s health and gynaecology. We provide hundreds of cervical screening tests monthly and regularly see patients for things like period problems, vaginal discharge, prolapse and menopause. If you have something that’s not quite right and have never been able to get to the bottom of it with a GP – come to us at Family Planning Tasmania, and we’ll help you get it sorted. 


3. Bulk billing for concession cards, under 21s and full-time students

Most of our services are bulk billed if you have a concession card, are under 21 or are a full-time student. Bulk billing is increasingly hard to come by, so prioritise your health and don’t put it off – what might be a minor problem now might turn into something much more challenging to deal with in the future. 


4. All-female doctors and nurses who have extra qualifications in sexual and reproductive health

Not only are our clinicians passionate about sexual and reproductive health, but they are also experts in this field and have completed additional qualifications. Our clinicians choose to work in this area because they care so deeply, and nothing you say will shock them. Trust us; we’ve heard and seen it all before. So no need to get embarrassed or awkward about showing us your genitals, we see them daily, and we pride ourselves on being non-judgemental.


4. Long appointments – most are 30 minutes (you don’t pay extra), so we have time to listen to you and understand your needs

Family Planning Tasmania has longer appointments (typically 30 mins). This is a lot more time than generally given in most GP clinics. That means we can get to the heart of your concern, learn more about you and often treat more than one concern at a time. And the best part- it doesn’t cost any extra!


There are many more reasons to visit our Launceston clinic; these are just a few. Our central new location means you can pop in while you are in the city running errands; if we don’t have an appointment available that day, we will book you in at a time that works for you.

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