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Promoting Wellbeing: Rosny and Elizabeth Colleges Lead the Way

The significance of well-being expos in educational institutions such as Colleges cannot be overstated. Such events play a crucial role in fostering a holistic approach to student health, both mentally and physically. By inviting community organisations like Family Planning Tasmania, our beloved Colleges create a platform for students to access diverse resources, gain knowledge, and break down barriers on topics that might otherwise remain unexplored.

Family Planning Tasmania was honoured to participate in the recent events at Rosny College on Tuesday, 19th of September, and Elizabeth College on Wednesday, 27th of September. The palpable enthusiasm and engagement from students underscored the importance of these Wellbeing Expos.

A memorable moment was when a student, guided by a friend’s recommendation, approached our table, saying, “My friend told me I need to come up.” Such interactions highlight the ripple effect of positive peer influence and the value of community engagement.

We were delighted to receive the following feedback from Elizabeth College:

“We’ve received numerous positive comments about your diverse stalls and activities. Your dedication and support have been instrumental in enriching our school community’s experience. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations.”

This feedback highlighted the importance of collaboration to achieve our shared goals and outcomes to lift health literacy in the community.

Across both events, we interacted with approximately 100 students at each venue. Our Fishing Game, designed to initiate conversations around sexual health in a fun manner, was particularly well-received. The challenge, “Do you want to go fishing? What will you catch?” provided a light-hearted entry point to more profound discussions.

Our 50th-anniversary condom packs also garnered positive feedback for their unique design. Recognising the diverse comfort levels of students, we placed condoms discreetly at the table’s corner, allowing for private access. An accompanying QR code directed students to our website for further information.

The collaboration of community organisations at these expos amplifies the impact on student wellbeing. By working together, we can provide comprehensive support, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education on leading healthy lives.

In closing, our heartfelt thanks go to Rosny and Elizabeth Colleges, especially the dedicated school nurses and staff. Their commitment to holistic student wellbeing is truly commendable.

Family Planning Tasmania remains committed to supporting individuals in every way possible. For more information or support, please reach out to us, or visit our Health Promotion page here >>


Featured image: Educator Holly at Rosny College Wellbeing Expo.