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Sexuality and Ageing

Family Planning Tasmania continues to provide quality reproductive and sexual health education services in Tasmanian communities.

Our Sexuality and Ageing workshop is a targeted, evidence-based Relationships and Sexuality education program for people working within the Community & Residential Aged Care Sector.

This education will allow participants to develop the tools and understandings to support consumer’s rights in relation to sexual health, intimacy, consent, relationships and wellbeing. Helping them to develop a supportive, safe environment, have the confidence to have conversations and maintain best practice.

This workshop is aligned to and supportive of the Aged Care Quality Standards June 2019.

What is the course content?

Our workshop focusses on:

  • Care provider and care recipient’s rights and responsibilities to sexual health and intimacy, and the current ‘Aged Care Standards’
  • How care recipients can be supported in maintaining their sexual health and wellbeing and care providers can be supported in maintaining their safety and wellbeing
  • Identifying strategies when assessing, managing and reporting sexual behaviours, including atypical and complex sexual behaviours
  • Exploring the benefits of non-judgemental language
  • Identifying strategies to assess and address, consent and unmet sexual need.
  • Giving opportunities for participants to share, explore and apply workshop learning to real life work situations/ experiences and participate in supportive discussions.

What is the course structure?

  • Workshops include a theory component, which is applied to practical situations using scenario-based activities and exploring real-life work situations/experiences
  • The workshop is 2.5hrs in duration
  • A certificate of completion will be provided once post-workshop participant feedback has been received.

Who is eligible?

We offer community and workplace-based workshops to people/service organisations working within the Community & Residential Aged Care sectors.

Workplace-based workshops offer organisations the flexibility to have the workshop at a time that suits them. These workshops are subject to staff availability and may incur travel costs.

For more information about upcoming workshops or to book a workplace workshop contact our administration staff using the form below.

Informational Flyer

Click the link below for a PDF and additional information about the Sexuality & Ageing course.

Sexuality & Ageing Flyer A4

Sexuality & Ageing workshop Contact Form


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