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Sexuality and Ageing

This workshop has been created as a targeted, evidence-based relationships and sexuality education program for people working within the residential aged care sector.

Who should attend this training?

This workshop is ideal for anyone working within residential aged care, including:

  • Facility managers and senior managers
  • Clinical staff
  • Support staff

What is the course content?

  • Supporting compliance with the Aged Care Accreditation Standards, including maintaining consumer dignity and choice
  • Practical strategies to ensure that care practices support the Aged Care Act 1997 residents’ rights and responsibilities
  • Understanding respectful ways in which intimate needs assessments can be undertaken as part of organisational practice
  • Examining pre-existing ideas about ageing and sexuality and empowering staff to develop a positive and respectful approach to intimate relationships
  • Exploration of issues such as dignity, consent and risk for clients and those that care for them
  • Simple strategies that can assist in supporting diverse client needs
  • Communication strategies for discussing topics relating to relationships, sexual health, sexuality, diversity and social safety
  • Information about referral pathways for clients with unmet needs or who require further education

What is the course structure?

  • One workshop of 2 hours
  • A certificate of completion will be provided

Who is eligible?

Sessions are delivered in your workplace, and any of your employees or volunteers are eligible to attend.

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