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SoSAFE! is a targeted, evidence-based program that uses standardised concepts, simple visuals and other tools to enhance the social, social – sexual and social safety learning of people with disability and/or additional needs. 

Social safety training is essential for people with a disability and/or additional needs because of their increased vulnerability to physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  

 The SoSAFE! Program is specifically designed to meet this need. 

Family Planning Tasmania is the only licensed provider to deliver SoSAFE! in Tasmania. 


Who can attend this training? 

This workshop will benefit anyone supporting a person with moderate to severe intellectual disability, ASD, trauma, or vision or hearing impairment.  

This includes: 

  • Classroom teachers, support teachers, and teacher assistants,
  • Social workers and school psychologists, 
  • Staff with responsibilities for child safety, 
  • Parents, carers and family members and 
  • Foster carers and staff in out-of-home care organisations.


What is the course content? 

SoSAFE! has unique design features, including systematic instruction and the extensive use of visual supports/tools. 

Its design also takes into account empirical evidence about the common communication, social and cognitive characteristics of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability and/or ASD. 

SoSAFE! provides participants with the concepts, skills and tools to enable them to help clients or family members learn: 

  • The type and degree of communicative and physical intimacy appropriate with different groups of people in an individual’s life and social world i.e OK and not OK touch. 
  • Strategies for moving into intimate relationships in a safe and measured manner.
  • How to respond to situations, including intimate relationships using the explicit, rule-based SoSAFE! format without having to make discretionary decisions. 
  • We will also explain how you can make client referrals to our “Additional Needs Support Educators” when you need specific support or education for your client. 


What is the course structure? 

  • A one-day workshop for your staff, delivered at your workplace, OR Individual attendance at a one-day community-based workshop, delivered at a shared location. Information about and tickets for upcoming workshops are available below. 
  • All participants receive a manual, resources required to use SoSAFE!, and a certificate once they have completed the required evaluation. 

To book a ticket to a listed upcoming event use the event ticketing tool below or contact us using the SoSAFE Contact Form form at the bottom of this page. 


Upcoming SoSAFE! Workshops

Make sure you check our Humanitix profile here for upcoming events. You can also follow our organiser profile on Humanitix to keep up to date with our events as they get listed.



SoSAFE Contact Form



Testimonials from previous participants:

“There is a simple framework for straight forward conversations about a huge number of areas”
“I really liked the touch talk triangle, not only for people with disabilities but for everyone. Makes everyone on the same page.”
“This was so wonderful. I was expecting to be bored and just go through the motions with this day, but I was very pleasantly surprised at the volume of knowledge and material that Family Planning in southern Tasmania have.”
“If we could do this in every school that would be great”
“Really enjoyed the sessions, very informative and learnt a lot”

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