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The SoSAFE professional learning and associated tools and resources provide professionals with skills and simple visuals to enhance the social, socio-sexual and social safety learning of people with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), trauma, or vision or hearing impairment.

Social safety training is essential for people with disability and/or additional needs because of their increased vulnerability to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The SoSAFE program is specifically designed to meet this need.

Who should attend this training?

This workshop will benefit anyone supporting a person with moderate to severe intellectual disability, ASD, trauma, or vision or hearing impairment. This includes:

  • Classroom teachers, support teachers, and teacher assistants
  • Social workers and school psychologists
  • Staff with responsibilities for child safety
  • Parents, carers and family members
  • Foster carers and staff in out-of-home care organisations

What is the course content?

SoSAFE’s design takes into account empirical evidence about the common communication, social and cognitive characteristics of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability and/or ASD.

Also integral to its design is the use of empirically validated instructional strategies for those populations. These include systematic instruction and the extensive use of augmentive and alternative communication in the form of visual supports.

During the program you will learn to use the explicit, rule-based SoSAFE format to help your family member or client learn:

  • The type and degree of communicative and physical intimacy appropriate with different groups of people in an individual’s life
  • Strategies for moving into intimate relationships in a safe and measured manner
  • How to respond to situations including intimate relationships using the explicit, rule-based SoSAFE format without having to make discretionary decisions.

What is the course structure?

  • One day workshop for your staff, delivered at your workplace, OR
  • Individual attendance at a one day public group workshop, delivered at a shared location

All participants receive a manual and the resources required to use SoSAFE!

Comprehensive program

  • Two group sessions of 1.5 hours, incorporating the introductory course content

Who is eligible?

Anyone is eligible to attend.

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