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IUD Training

Family Planning Tasmania provides Intra-uterine device (IUD) insertion training.

The course provides comprehensive training in the assessment, insertion, routine follow up and management of complications with IUDs.

One theory session is typically followed by three half-day clinical placements, with the aim to attain IUD insertion competency.


The course is primarily suited to experienced GPs who have a desire to provide IUD insertions for their patients. Nurse Practitioners may also be eligible. All participants should check with their medical indemnity provider that they are covered for IUD insertions.


The course fee is $1,135 including GST for up-to three half-day clinical sessions. Additional fees will apply if further sessions are required to attain competency.


Our IUD training is not accredited but participants may self-record CPD points.


A certificate in IUD insertion competency is awarded to participants who successfully complete both the theory and clinical competency assessments.


Family Planning Tasmania is not currently running scheduled IUD insertion training due to COVID-19 restrictions. To enquire or register for future training courses, please contact

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