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FPAA Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Doctors can complete the practical clinical component of the nationally accredited Family Planning Alliance Australia (FPAA) Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health in our clinics in Burnie, Launceston and Glenorchy.

The practical component comprises a minimum of seven half-day sessions:

  • An initial observation session led by a Family Planning Tasmania doctor.
  • Six subsequent sessions led by you, with supervision and support from one of our doctors.
  • You will work through a practical portfolio and be signed off at the end by one of our Medical Educators.

Theory component

Before you start your practical sessions, the theory component of the certificate must first be completed with a Family Planning organisation on the mainland. You must pass the theory exam before you can complete the practical sessions with us.

We recommend Family Planning Victoria or Family Planning NSW, both of whom currently offer virtual/distance learning.

Please pay the theory and exam fee to the organisation providing your theory and let them know you will complete the practical sessions at Family Planning Tasmania.


The fee for the practical sessions is $820 including GST. This is reduced to $620 for our own registrars.

While we will do our very best to accommodate your date and day preferences for the sessions, no guarantees can be made.


  • AHPRA registration.
  • Proof of current Medical Indemnity insurance.
  • Evidence the theory exam has been passed.
  • Implanon NXT training course completion.
  • Family Planning Tasmania is a pro-choice organisation and, as such, doctors are expected to provide non directional pregnancy counselling and may be involved in the initial “work up” and follow up of patients who have received medication termination of pregnancy.


To apply for practical sessions with us, or for any questions, please contact our Clinical Services Manager:

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