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Cervical Screening Test Results

Repeat the test in 12 months

You have been advised to repeat your Cervical Screening Test in 12 months because HPV was detected on your test.

Additional tests have automatically been done on your sample at the laboratory to check on the cells of your cervix. This testing indicates that you are not at higher risk of having a serious abnormality and that you can safely wait to repeat your test in 12 months.

When your Cervical Screening Test is repeated in 12 months, HPV may no longer be present and you can safely move to having 5 yearly screening.

Alternatively if HPV is still present, you will need another test in 12 months or further testing with a gynaecologist.

What is HPV?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus, a common infection that can cause cervical cells to change.

While HPV is an infection, it is not something that needs treating with antibiotics and any sexual partners do not need testing or treating.

The HPV infection is highly likely to be cleared by your immune system without any additional treatment. Smoking cigarettes reduces your ability to clear the virus so, if you’re a smoker, now is a great time to try quitting.

Useful Documents

You can find a useful printable document by clicking the button below with key information about cervical screening tests and HPV.

CSTs and HPV Factsheet


If you have any questions about your result or your repeat Cervical Screening Test at Family Planning Tasmania, please call your local clinic.

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