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Promoting sexual and reproductive health with GPs across the state

Over the last seven weeks, we’ve embarked on an exciting project to raise awareness of some exciting new services we now offer at Family Planning Tasmania.  This initiative has taken us on a journey across Tasmania to various GP clinics across the state, meeting dedicated practice managers and sharing valuable resources.

The primary objective of this project was to promote awareness of Family Planning Tasmania’s Medication Termination Of Pregnancy (MTOP) with bedside ultrasound service and our pessary service. But as we ventured out, it became apparent that we could do more than just share information: we could offer training opportunities, provide peer support, and update GP practices with the latest in the sexual & reproductive health sector via our GP Clinical Newsletter.

During these visits, the main topics discussed included:

  • MTOP with Ultrasound service and Pessary service.
  • The soon-to-be-launched online CPD accredited Clinical training on Unplanned Pregnancy and Terminations in Tasmania.
  • A guide to navigating the FPT website, highlighting the Resource Library, Education PL information, and details about the Additional Needs program.
  • Introduction to the My Choice App, Family Planning Tasmania’s own mobile app. (More about that here >>)

We also brought along resource packs with key information to distribute to GPs. Our well-curated resource packs served as a perfect takeaway for the practices. They contained posters, factsheets, and information cards.

Using an iPad, we showcased how to seamlessly navigate the Family Planning Tasmania website and access its valuable resources. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the easy navigation of our site, the printable clinical fact sheets, and the user-friendliness of our My Choice App. Many were pleasantly surprised to discover our Additional Needs program and saw it as an essential service for GPs to be aware of. A significant number of practices even added our Resource Library link >> and Professional Learning link >> to their resources immediately.

In this project, we reached out to 135 practices across Tasmania, including the three Tasmanian Aboriginal Centres. Out of these, we met face-to-face with 102 practice managers and staff. For the other 33 practices, 23 opted for a physical information pack, while 10 preferred the information to be emailed.

The experience was enriching and enlightening. We met incredible practice managers, staff, nurses, and doctors who expressed gratitude for our outreach. It was a privilege to gain insights from the GP community firsthand and to reciprocate by sharing our knowledge.

Together, we’re building stronger ties, promoting better health outcomes, and ensuring that every Tasmanian has access to the best resources in sexual and reproductive health. Thank you to all the GPs who made time to meet us and speak with us.