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Talking to Kids About Sex

Even from a young age, children are exposed to a lot of messages about gender, relationships and sexuality through friends, family, social interactions, the internet, and the media.  

You have the chance to provide them with accurate information, develop their critical thinking skills and help them understand the messages they receive.  

Children will ask questions for many different reasons:   

  • They may have heard or seen something they don’t understand,   
  • They may want further information about something they already know, or  
  • They might simply be trying to shock you or show off in front of their peers.    

Try to provide a simple, accurate answer. If the intention was to shock or show off, this often diffuses the situation.  

If you are having difficulty in being able to answer questions, use resources such as Talk Soon, Talk Often PDF Guide from the Tasmanian Government to guide you (access here).  

If you have concerns about a child’s line of questioning, are not sure if their questions are ‘normal’, or are witnessing problem sexual behaviours, you can call us on 6273 9117 and ask to speak with the Education Manager. Alternatively, contact us and someone will be in touch. 

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