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Telephone appointments 

Many appointments at Family Planning Tasmania are now available over the telephone. The doctor or nurse simply calls you at the appointment time and any prescriptions or forms are sent to you electronically.

Telephone appointments can be a really convenient way to talk to a doctor or nurse for things that don’t need an examination or procedure.

Services you can receive over the telephone include:

  • Repeat scripts (if you’ve had a script from us in the last 12 months)
  • Referrals
  • Results
  • STI screening if you have no symptoms
  • IUD assessments
  • Some termination of pregnancy assessments
  • Contraceptive advice

Preparing for a telephone appointment

The doctor or nurse will call you on the number you have given us as close to your appointment time as possible. Please allow some extra time in case they are running a bit late.

Please make sure you have a quiet and private place to talk.

The doctor or nurse will ask you some question to confirm your identity, so they know they are speaking to the right person.

Fees for telephone appointments

Our regular fees apply for both telephone and in person appointments. Fees are usually paid after your appointment and the doctor or nurse will transfer your call to reception to pay.

If this isn’t possible, a receptionist will call you after the appointment to take the payment.

Regular appointment fees
No Medicare appointment fees