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Understanding Adolescent Sexuality

Adolescence is a time of many physical, social and emotional changes for young people. Would you like more knowledge about sexuality during adolescence, to help you better understand and support the young people in your care as they navigate this part of their journey?

Who should attend this training?

This workshop is ideal for anyone working with adolescents who requires an understanding of how to support young people with their sexual development, sexual health, relationships, and social and sexual safety. This includes:

  • Classroom teachers years 7-12, Health and Physical Education teachers, Principals, support teachers, and teacher assistants
  • Social workers and school psychologists
  • School Nurses
  • School chaplains
  • Youth Workers
  • Staff with responsibilities for the safety of young people
  • Foster carers and staff in out-of-home care organisations

What is the course content?

  • The three dimensions of sexuality
  • Ages and stages of sexual development through childhood and the adolescent years
  • Typical and atypical behaviours
  • How the sexual response system and reproductive system function
  • Influences such as pornography and social media
  • Respectful relationships for adolescents
  • Sexual health for adolescents including contraception and STIs

What is the course structure?

One workshop style session of 2 hours.

Who is eligible?

Completion of our Secondary RSE Training is recommended prior to undertaking this training. Exemptions to this prerequisite are on a case-by-case basis and are at the discretion of our Education Manager.

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